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CSI Livelihood Program
Iraq undergone years of government instability and decades of war and conflict turned Iraqi’s suffer through har......
Equal rights for worker Women in Private Sector in Kurdistan Region/Iraq
During the last ten years, working women in the private sector and especially in the workplaces or small-sized m......
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Demand to protect cultural houses inSulaimany
The 17 million signature campaign launched in (September 21, 2012). CSI was one of the founder members of this campaign to shed lights on ruin, damage and looting of Kurdistan Region ancient sites. This campaign is ongoing since the objectives have not been reached and the local authorities have not been working to fulfill their responsibilities towards the local heritage under the pretext of instability of the situation and economic crises in Kurdistan region.
Recently, the campaign focused on protecting the cultural houses in Sulaimany city which return to more than a hundred years. These house are at risk of ruining since their possessors are attempting to ruin them and build new houses or business apartments in their places.
During the last visit to the office of Governor of Sulaimany in October 2016, the Governor avoided talking about this issue which disappointed the campaign team. However, some of the houses and public places such as Farah Hotel and galleries have been rebuilt in the same way which have been done with the support of the local government.

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