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CSI Livelihood Program
Iraq undergone years of government instability and decades of war and conflict turned Iraqi’s suffer through har......
Equal rights for worker Women in Private Sector in Kurdistan Region/Iraq
During the last ten years, working women in the private sector and especially in the workplaces or small-sized m......
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CSI Livelihood Program
Iraq undergone years of government instability and decades of war and conflict turned Iraqi’s suffer through harsh economic distresses. The plans developed by previous governments to alleviate poverty and unemployment problem collided with terrorism and financial waste. Unemployment Rate in Iraq averaged 17.36 percent from 1991 until 2017 While 23 percent of people in Iraq live below the poverty line. However, the emergence of the ISIS has forced more than five million people to flee their homes and live in Kurdistan Region. Civil Society Initiative (CSI) has worked through its program to alleviate the impacts of the situation.
Civil Society Initiative has successfully implemented a variety of projects and programs in cooperation with our partners mainly in the key sectors of protection, social cohesion, livelihood, democracy, economic development and project management.
The direct beneficiaries were individual households affected by several years of internal conflicts and insecurity and consequently suffer from chronic livelihood vulnerability especially the host communities. The project targeted those vulnerable families who had no other options to start or expand their business activities.
Civil Society Initiative has been working on alleviating poverty and social exclusion through programs focusing on health, education, livelihoods and environment awareness. Our goal has been the empowerment of women & young girls and boys from poor and marginalized communities, leading to improve their lives and livelihoods.
The livelihood support programs have provided socio-economic assistance to IDP, refugees and host communities, including female and youth-headed households, and those who are unemployed and underemployed in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Target populations include Syrian refugees and Ezidean people, IDPs who fled from the conflict areas such as Anbar, Salahaddin, Mosul and Diyala Governorate and lived in Sulaimany Governorate. However, the host communities have been taken into consideration to support social cohesion among them.
Currently, our livelihood program is implemented in partnership with the local private workshops or workplaces in the cities and towns in Sulaimany Governorate and Garmyan Province as well as local governing councils. Volunteer artisans deliver courses in the workplaces in which individual young people are trained on handicrafts carpentry, woodworking, knitting, sewing, home decoration and others. These efforts are made to create a rich experience considering management of centers which will be established in a number of districts and towns in Kurdistan Region-Iraq.

Success stories
Many groups of women and young girls have successfully engaged in vocational training courses in Sulaimany city and Bazyan district and gained certifications which allow them work and run their own small business projects. A number of these trainees have joined shops or working at their houses as tailors to earn their daily living.
In the next step, Civil Society Initiative will make efforts to invest this success into a further developed strategy and encompass young boys and girls as well as the most vulnerable people in the community. In this regard, CSI looks forwards to partner with the national and international actors.

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