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CSI Livelihood Program
Iraq undergone years of government instability and decades of war and conflict turned Iraqi’s suffer through har......
Equal rights for worker Women in Private Sector in Kurdistan Region/Iraq
During the last ten years, working women in the private sector and especially in the workplaces or small-sized m......
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Launching a wide education campaign in Sulaimaniyah Governorate to protect environment
According to information and facts published by different sources, a variety of environmental problems now affect our life, biodiversity, climate and the natural resources of soil, water and air in Kurdistan Region and Iraq generally. Some of the largest problems now affecting the region are; urbanization expansion, air pollution and emission of much hazardous waste, global warming, frequent dust and sand storm, smog, water pollution and water scarcity, ground water depletion, drought and desertification and generation of much solid wastes daily without any recycling process .Indeed, these problems cause potential morbidity and mortality, climate change, minimizing of agricultural product and socio-economic impacts.
To address this problem, CSI as a member of the newly founded network will work to launch a wide campaign to educate the citizens and the government officials on many different topics related to environment, pollution and how to deal with these issues. The Network EFN including all members, will cooperate in implementing the campaign leading to a comprehensive awareness process through seminars, utilizing the mass media, schools and teachers and other project tools available. The goal of the project is to raise awareness towards environment and climate change and highlight the role and responsibilities of the different parties in this regard. However, to gain a long term change regarding the environment, its vital to educate the government officials and the public foundations to put the laws and regulations in power and make efforts to enact new regulations or amend the existed laws.

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