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Youth Political Participation
The last ten years witnessed a wide criticism and opposition against the political system of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The criticism was not directed to the ruling parties from the outside of the parties but also from the members and adherents of these parties, too, however; the other political parties which are small in size and strength within the political and social system of the Region have faced the same discontent.
One major issue raised was marginalization of youth within the political parties and government which was named as “conflict between the new and old generations”. The new generation’s discontent reflects marginalizing the youth especially within the decision making cycles such as the politburo, the general committees, the parliament and high ranked positions in the government as a small number of “old” leaders controlling the power since they came to rule the Region in 1991 regardless of their knowledge or professions. Even if young people positioned in the high levels, they have to behave according to directions from their officials.
While this is the current seen within the political parties, the same situation is duplicated widely within the whole society since there is not a national youth policy to guarantee the youth rights such as the right to express their views and expressions, be involved in decisions that concern them and allocate resources to achieve the needs of youth as individuals as an important part of the community. In general, isolation is felt among the youth groups in the Region as they flock according to their ideologies which reach hatred and dissatisfaction.
The last year demonstrations showed that youth people play a vital part in both directions to support or oppose government’s programs. The events pushed the government to step towards finding solutions for youth issues even though no high indicators have shown yet but it remains one of the most predictable threats to face the government as well as all political parties.


Civil Society Initiative launches a wide debate on political participation of youth within and out of the political parties in Kurdistan Region to develop a common understanding of youth political participation on the level of the political parties, the government foundations and the community. As for members of the political parties, this leads their young members to face the reality of their political participation and compare it with the principles of political participation as shown during the debates.
CSI achieves this wide debate through diverse activities such as preparing a team of young people to facilitate for the debate, conducting meetings and visits to the political parties’ offices to create dialogue and debate on participation of the young members of the parties in decision making in their organizations, guiding members of these parties with information through handouts and publications prepared for this purpose, engaging young people of the political parties, civil society and others in a series of radio or TV programs to cover a wider areas regarding the political participation of youth in the process of decision making, holding a general conference to study all these issues in which active youth present their work papers to be presented in the conference, sending recommendations for the political parties, the parliament, the government, the civil society organizations to promote the role of youth in all stages and levels of their programs and policies. This project engages members of the Kalar and Chamchamal youth forums who were trained and worked as youth leaders throughout the previous years.
One more task to be achieved through this project is to work to break the barriers between the youth of the political parties, CSOs and others on the one side and among young members of the political parties themselves on the other hand since there is a weak and artificial relation among these youth groups.

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