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CSI Livelihood Program
Iraq undergone years of government instability and decades of war and conflict turned Iraqi’s suffer through har......
Equal rights for worker Women in Private Sector in Kurdistan Region/Iraq
During the last ten years, working women in the private sector and especially in the workplaces or small-sized m......
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Environmental Awareness Raising Campaign
Iraq is living an environment trauma as this situation is increasingly devastating after more than two decades of war and local unrest led to polluting the climate including air, water and other environment elements. “Iraq ranks among the 50 nations with the world's highest levels of industrial carbon dioxide emissions, in 1996, the total emissions rose to 91 million metric tons”. According to reports and facts issued in 2010 by Directorate of environment in Sulaimaniyah the current situation of this governorate’s air, water and other ingredients have been dreadfully contaminated. Addressing this problem, both relative government’s foundations and the populations need to have information and data about the extent of pollution and contamination of the environment since realistic programs of the government and attentive population can reduce the extent of the harms caused to the environment.
A purpose of the project is to raise awareness of the populations since unaware population is one of the reasons behind devastation of the environment everywhere. However, the project’s activities can warn the authorities to the threats posed by the climate and environment problems.
To have a quick impact on the targeted people, an intensive campaign will be launched through the project’s activities in the government foundations and the civic organizations.
The main audiences of the project are the general public, however; the government employees form another targeted group. The seminars are dedicated to target the government employees while other activities are directed to the public general and the employees, too.
The general Directorate of Environment in Sulaimaniyah has offered to support the project with trainers, lecturers, materials for publications and other necessities for the project to meet its objectives, however, the Directorate has supported us with data, sample publications and recommendations on how to deal with the project. The directorate decided to provide trainers and specialist people who will be able to deliver lectures at the seminars and others to consult them on topics of the leaflet and other activities.
The main aim of the project has been achieved through a wide and intensive campaign which was launched through seminars, TV programs, distribution of publications and radio spots. The campaign has covered a vast number of people as the message has been conveyed in diverse ways. An indicator of the achievement is that all activities have been completed in the proper time of the project. All other elements of the project were completed as described in the submitted project proposal.

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