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CSI Livelihood Program
Iraq undergone years of government instability and decades of war and conflict turned Iraqi’s suffer through har......
Equal rights for worker Women in Private Sector in Kurdistan Region/Iraq
During the last ten years, working women in the private sector and especially in the workplaces or small-sized m......
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Supporting Youth Forums in Kalar and Chamchamal
Civil Society Initiative continues supporting two youth forums, in Kalar and Chamchamal districts in Sulaimaniyah province, that it mentored last year as they transition to registered independent NGOs. Mentoring activities will include conducting three surveys, town hall meetings, and TV shows. CSI will guide the two forums to work in a more structured manner and to broaden their base of members as they are implementing their activities.
The forums will conduct surveys in its home districts around three major themes: service delivery (education, health, security) corruption, and human rights. The survey will target men and women from various socio-economic backgrounds. Questionnaires will be prepared by forum members who have been previously trained by CSI in previous programs. With the assistance of a consultant, forums will compile the findings of this survey in the two districts into one report including data, statistics, and major findings. Forums will print 100 copies of this report and make it available to government and elected officials, other NGOs, and journalists.
CSI will work closely with the forums to organize six town hall meetings in the districts of Chamchamal and Kalar and produce and broadcast six episodes of a one-hour debate program regarding the results of the surveys. For every show and town hall meeting, CSI will invite a parliament representative, a journalist, local government representative, and a youth activist. The TV debates and town hall meetings will start with a presentation of the survey results followed by discussions and debate. CSI staff will moderate the debates and will urge the discussants to propose effective recommendations. CSI will contract with a local television channel to book time slots to broadcast the shows.
During the project, CSI will organize two working meetings with the two forums from Chamchamal and Kalar to discuss and evaluate their own activities, and provide them with additional assistance and training as needed.

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